Hi I'm Travis (he/they). I'm a C#/Unity + WebGL/Three.js developer in Melbourne, Australia. I currently work in the AR/VR space across apps and web. Here is my LinkedIn if you want to know more about that.

Before I moved into industry I completed my PhD at the Victorian College of the Arts then worked in research at The University of Melbourne. I produced a practice-led thesis about the nature of writing code for interactive artworks. Here are the research outputs.

I also make things outside of work for my own pleasure, to exhibit in galleries, and as part of various collectives. I'm particularly proud of my work as part of the QueerTech.io Curatorium which has put on various online exhibitons of digital artworks created by the worldwide LGBTQI+ artistic community.

If you want to talk to me about something you can contact me via LinkedIn above, or email me:
travis [at] denouncetheclock.com and I'll reply when I can.