Gloriously underdesigned webpage of artist/researcher Travis Cox.


CV (pdf)

Relevant Works

Blow Hole Vision

Created with Poet and Performer Dosh Luckwell. 2014. Video, webpage. Visit here

Cold Comfort

2014. Video, no audio. See on vimeo: here

The interdisciplinary nature of online creation

2013. Webpage. Visit here


2013, Webpage.
Created and Exhibited as an installation for the 2013 Windsor Art Prize. Served as a single page over a local network to visitor's mobile devices. See here

Veni, Vidi, Screenshot

2013- Semi-Ongoing. Tumblr. here

LeWitt Wall Drawing Tool

2012. Website. here

Delete a DeKooning

2012, Java - created with Processing. See here

Wall Drawing in the style of LeWitt's "Wall Drawing 14"

2012. Variable sized video projection. See on vimeo: here

Older Works/Smaller Works

Aren't really relevant in the grand scheme of things.