Gloriously underdesigned webpage of artist/researcher Travis Cox.


CV (pdf)

Relevant Works

Cold Comfort

2014. Video, no audio. See on vimeo: here

The interdisciplinary nature of online creation

2013. Webpage. Visit here


2013, Webpage.
Created and Exhibited as an installation for the 2013 Windsor Art Prize. Served as a single page over a local network to visitor's mobile devices. See here

Veni, Vidi, Screenshot

2013- Semi-Ongoing. Tumblr. here

LeWitt Wall Drawing Tool

2012. Website. here

Delete a DeKooning

2012, Java - created with Processing. See here

Wall Drawing in the style of LeWitt's "Wall Drawing 14"

2012. Variable sized video projection. See on vimeo: here

Older Works/Smaller Works

Aren't really relevant in the grand scheme of things.